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  My name is Elizabeth Lyons. I own Kids Create and teach all our exciting classes. I live in Polk City with my husband Jeremy, our two children Lydia and Adam, and our cat, Steve.   I grew up on a farm in western Iowa where I spent my childhood looking for caterpillars, rescuing tadpoles, playing with our numerous pets, losing shoes in our crick, and well, you get the idea.  I always knew I loved nature, but I didn’t discover my love of art until high school. I’m so thankful that I did and that I had so many loving adults in my life who encouraged me to pursue my interest and sharpen my ability. Today, I strive to be that person for my students.

  I have a BA in Fine Arts from Iowa State University and an Art Education Endorsement from Concordia University. I am also a licensed K-12 art teacher in the state of Iowa.

  When I'm not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring parks, baking, gardening, and any form of treasure hunting.  


Our daughter has done several classes and even a birthday party with Kids Create. Miss Elizabeth is great and so kind. We have beautiful art hanging all around and have given several pieces as gifts. Classes are organized and well taught and the the kids learn so much about the artist, art style, techniques, etc.



Katie Thompson



We only recently discovered this place and my kids were hooked after just one class. The pairing of art with fuzzy, cuddly animals- you can't beat that! My kids' dreams come true. Elizabeth is so great with the kids and is so calm and kind.

My daughter enjoyed her art class so much and was so proud of her masterpiece. Miss Elizabeth was so friendly. We will definitely be back for more classes!

Stephanie Coy




Kristen Myers



What to Expect


Kids Create Classes have fun theme's like Dragons, Unicorns, Owls, etc. Classes meet once and are typically 2-4 hours long, giving students ample time to create, play, and learn.  Many classes have presenters or animal guests. Classes are playful and students rotate between working on their art and additional learning activities. Below is an example of a class itinerary. 


Peter Rabbit K-3rd

9:00-9:30 welcome, lesson introduction, play w/ baby bunnies

9:30-10:00 steps 1-3 of art lesson

10:00-10:30 snack, decorate bunny cookie, Peter Rabbit episode, earth science lesson, 

10:30-11:00 steps 3-5 of art lesson

11:00-11:30 play w/ baby bunnies- closing activities 

parent pick up & matt artworks

Day Camps

Day Camps are similar to our classes. These fun events have themes and rotate between playful activities and art. Day camps are 4 or more hours, allowing for more art projects and additional activities. Below is an example of a Day Camp Itinerary.

Fairy Camp 4 yr PK-3rd

9:00-9:30 welcome, fairy book- painting lesson introduction

9:30- 10:00 painting lesson steps 1-3

10:00-10:30 games

10:30-11:00 painting lesson steps 2-5

11:00-11:30 create jeweled wands

11:30-12:00 Tinkerbelle Movie w/ lunch

12:00-12:15 games, park weather permitting- garden fairy house construction

12:15- 12:30 painting lesson step 6 

12:30-1:15 Tinkerbell movie with popcorn & treats

1:15- 1:30 closing activities

parent pick up & matt artwork

Summer Camps

Summer brings the opportunity for longer Camps. You will find Kids Create Camps that meet daily over a week as well as camps that meet just a few times. These camps typically meet for 2 hours each day.  Camps are more concentrated with art lessons, but do include breaks and snacks. Below is an example of a summer camp itinerary. As with all classes and camps, the younger the student, the more frequent the breaks.


Exploratory Art Camp-2nd-3rd grade Monday-Friday    

12:00-12:50 lesson Introduction & steps 1-2

12:50-1:00 snack

1:00-1:30 steps 3-4

1:30-1:40 break - park, weather permitting

1:40-2:00 step 5